Wenger: Danny Welbeck is Stronger

Wenger: Danny Welbeck is Stronger

Arsenal’s Arsenal tactician Arsene Wenger has praised Danny Welbeck’s increase this summer.

Where, retainer of the England national team after recovering from a prolonged injury managed to return to show his best performance by helping his team win 3-0 over Bournemouth. Interestingly the match that took place at Emirates Stadium last weekend the player scored two goals. While other goals are created by Alexandre Lacazette.

So the victory in the home game then makes the Gunners have great confidence to look at the next game for them back to achieve the perfect result, which in the hope Olivier Giroud Cs can bring home the Premier League trophy that has been waiting a long time since 2004.

After the match, Arsene admitted that Danny has great potential on his physical which can contribute greatly as he did in last weekend’s game and the coach was also pleased with the way the second goal was created by the former Manchester United player.

“He is stronger and stronger. Do not forget that he was previously absent for a long time. He is stronger and stronger. He is a player in our team, Danny Welbeck and that’s why I as a coach menyuakinya, “said Arsene Wenger told the media.

“He is a man who possesses great physical potential. Kalngan is not convinced that he’s a great finisher. But his goal type will help him become more relaxed. I love the second goal today because it is a clean final settlement from a goal scorer.

While until the fourth week of Premier League competition 2017-2018 the player has scored three goals that one goal scored in the opening game counter Leicester City.

And while in North London the player has felt twice the FA Cup title and once felt the Community Shield title last season While with the Red Devils before Danny has won various domestic and International titles.

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