At Borneo, Bhayangkara FC Leave Bali United

At Borneo, Bhayangkara FC Leave Bali United

Bhayangkara FC needed a penalty for a 2-1 victory over Borneo FC in the match at the Patriot Stadium on Wednesday (20/09/2017).

This is the sixth positive result of Bhayangkara FC success. They were established themselves at the top of the League 1 standings.

Simon McMenemy’s foster children are now collecting 52 points from 25 matches. They lead four points over Bali’s new match on Thursday (21/09/2017).

On the contrary, Borneo FC is held in position 11 of the table. They have 33 points result 24 matches. Borneo also suffered the first defeat in seven games.

Ilija Spasojevic opened the scores for the hosts after forwarding Firly Apriansyah’s bait in the 60th minute. However, Shane Smeltz almost broke the home party by registering the name on the scoreboard nine minutes before the party ended.

Even so, Bhayangkara shows the character as a champion candidate. They continue to press the opponent’s defense until awarded a penalty.

Otavio Dutra then maximized the advantage by tearing goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho in the 86th minute and ensuring the victory of Bhayangkara FC.

Composition of Players:

Bhayangkara FC: Setho Cloud, Putu Gede, Kahfi, Dutra, Alsan, Evan Dimas, Firly, Wayhu, Ilham Udin (Antoni ’90 + 4), Spasojevic (Dendi ’90 + 2), Guy Junior (Word Utina ’79)

Borneo FC: Ridho, Diego Michiels, Matheus, Yamashita, Akbar, Flavio (Asri Akbar ’69), Wahyudi (Sultan ’75), Terens, Wanggai, Jefri (Smeltz ’69), Lerby

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