Lost from Mitra Kukar, Semen Padang Close to the Degradation Gorge

Lost from Mitra Kukar, Semen Padang Close to the Degradation Gorge

Mitra Kukar managed to beat host Semen Padang with a score of 2-1 in the 30th week of League 1 which was played at Stadium H Agus Salim, Padang, Thursday (19/10/2017) afternoon.

Semen Padang is threatened to enter the degradation zone.

In this match, Mitra Kukar midfielder, Bayu Pradana, received a yellow card when the game entered the 10th minute.

Then, the moment until the 36th minute, striker Marclei Santos broke the deadlock Mitra Kukar by scoring against goal Semen Padang.

Marclei’s goal is the 20th goal of the player for Mitra Kukar in League 1 season 2017.

Toward the end of the first half or in the 44th minute, Marclei’s 21st goal of the season was created.

Mitra Kukar became a 2-0 lead.

Additional goals that make Marclei has the same number of goals with top scorer Mitra Kukar 2009-2011 season, Franco Hita.

Until the break of the match, Mitra Kukar remain 2-0 up against the host.

While in the second half, Semen Padang minimize their lagging through Tambun Naibaho.

The former PSI PS player scored in the 56th minute.

Two players Mitra Kukar in this fight get a yellow card that is Oh In-kyun (60 ‘) and Jorge Gotor (63’).

This defeat makes Semen Padang increasingly threatened into the degradation zone.

Therefore, Semen Padang only has a value of 29 or just one point ahead of Perseru Serui.

Perseru is the team that occupied the position of the 16th or the top ranking of the red zone standings Liga 1 season 2017.

Semen Padang is also ranked 15th!

Composition of players:

Semen Padang: Jandia Eka Putra; Novan Setya, Novrianto, Cassio de Jesus, Hengki Ardiles, Riko Simanjuntak, Finno Andrianas, Irsyad Maulana, Ko Jae-sung, Tambun Naibaho, Muchlis Hadi Ning

Coach: Delviadri (caretaker)

Mitra Kukar: Gerri Mandagi, Jorge Gotor, Syaiful Ramadhan, Joko Sidik, Wiganda Pradika, Andre Agustiar, Bayu Pradana, Oh In-kyun, Anindito Wahyu, Hendra Bayauw, Marclei Santos

Coach: Yudi Suryata

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