Galli: Bonucci Needs Club Support

Galli: Bonucci Needs Club Support

Milan Primavera coach Filippo Galli admitted that the club should give support to Leonardo Bonucci after the red card he received when facing Genoa

The release of the defender after elbowing Aleandro Rosi is the culmination of his poor performance and he is likely to miss his former team, Juventus next week.

“I feel Bonucci is very sorry for what happened and must pass the game against Juventus and Chievo,” said Galli.

“Obviously, he wants to fight his former team, but this incident forced him to be on the sidelines.

“He is a player of the nearest rivals like Juventus and has to endure many tasks. Performance is not yet slick, but a player must always get support.

“From the perspective side of commitment, nobody is able to match Bonucci and we can only hope he can return to the Bonucci we’ve seen lately.”

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